On October the 14th the Italian National Team will be back on the field

Marco Mazzieri, the manager of the Italian National Baseball Team, has called together a group of 22 ballplayers to take the field in Tirrenia at the FIBS Academy from the 14th to the 17th of October.

Pitcher: Rivera (Parma), Andrea Pizziconi, Simone and Andreozzi (Nettuno), Gradali (Crocetta PR), Anselmi (Cincinnati Reds), Filippo Crepaldi (Reggio Emilia)

Catchers: Reginato (San Marino), Sabbatani (Fortitudo BO), Trinci (Nettuno)

Infielders: Sambucci, Davide, Benetti and Giannetti (Parma), Grimaudo, Martone (Nettuno), Mercuri (Atlanta Braves), Vaglio, Malengo, and D'Amico (Fortitudo BO)

Outfielders: Caradonna (Godo), Poma, and De Simoni (Parma)

The coaches will be on the field with Mazzieri will be pitching coach, Bill Holmberg, and coaches Alberto D’Auria, Gibo Gerali and Cebi Vecchi. The team doctor is Alesandro Pierucci, Massimo Baldi is the team physical therapist, while Daniele Santolupo will be the team’s athletic trainer.

“This go around will mark the conclusion of a project that we began with back in June,” explained Marco Mazzieri. “After the World Baseball Classic we decided that we would dedicate this period to the up and coming youth talent here in Italy, a step taken to help us see whose got what it takes to be apart of this group for the future. Out of the 22 players chosen to participate next week, only Vaglio and De Simoni have a significant number of appearances with the national team.”