Rimini & Nettuno faceoff in the finals of the Italian Cup

Tonight in Rimini the finals of the IBL’s Italian Cup will get underway with a matchup between the Rimini Pirates and Nettuno. The winner of this best of 3 series which is set to kick off this evening at 21:00 CET will earn the right to play in the 2014 European Champions Cup. Game two will take place once again in Rimini on Saturday afternoon at 16:00 CET, while the ‘if necessary’ game 3 would be played at 21:00 CET.

"We’re excited about our chances with taking this cup and getting back to the European Champions Cup next year. This group of guys have played great together over the last couple of weeks since we were eliminated by Rimini in the semis, taking two from both Parma and Bologna with the second win in each of the two series coming in elimination games.” (Bagialemani)  Going for Nettuno in the first two games will be Andreozzi and De Santis, with the ‘if necessary’ game three starter to be decided based on what goes on in the first two games.

On the other side of the diamond the situation with Chris Catanoso’s ball club is dealing with a different reality. Coming off of a difficult Italian Baseball Series defeat to the hands of T&A San Marino, 3 games to 2 after having lead the series 2-0, will be taking the field this evening without the likes of Castro, Romero, and Bazardo (Italian Cup rules do not permit the participation of foreigners). Also missing from the roster will be their shortstop and two-hole hitter, Santora, who had to return stateside for personal reasons. Going in game one will be Tommaso Cherubini as he’ll be throwing to Pierangelo Cit behind the dish. In the DH role it will be Bertagnon, Di Fabio will be at third in place of Castro, Babini at short, Gomez on the ‘two-bag’ and Celli in left with the absence of Romero.  The battery in game two will most likely be Corridini and Bertagnon with Patrone, Marquez and Pezzullo out of the pen. “I’ll decide the ‘if necessary’ game three starter if and when we get there.” (Catanoso)

Italian Cup Finals Schedule