ISL 2013 finalists to be decided this weekend

The Italian Softball League is right at the doorstep of naming the two clubs that will face off in the 2013 ISL finals. This final weekend of the two best of 5 semifinals will come to light in Caserta and Bollate. In the series down south the two clubs facing off, Caserta and La Loggia, are currently all tied up at 1 win apiece. Games three and four are scheduled for Saturday at 18.00 and 21.00 with an if necessary game scheduled for Sunday at 10.00. Up north in Bollate the home team will be looking to put an end to the series and Unione Fermana's season with a quick win in game 3 at 18.00, however if Unione Fermana is to fend off defeat, a possible game 4 and 5 will be waiting for them.

Down in Caserta look for the weekend to be an intense one, not counting out a decisive game 5. The two clubs, Caserta and La Loggia are two vey evenly matched squads the and both have very strong mounds. For Caserta in their foreign game La Loggia will have their hands full once again with Dagmar Bloeming and her near perfect record. While in the Italian game, it looks as if the ball will be handed to the young Alice Ronchetti. As for the rest of the lineup, Fiorio is a no go with her suspension, Barbara Galassi is doubtful with a bum shoulder, and Carlotta Natti is suffering from a hamstring issue. On the other side of the ball Femke Van Duschoten is a certain for La Loggia on the hill for the foreign matchup, while in the other game a decision is still yet to be made on who will take the ball.

Up in Lombardia, Bollate is in high hopes of taking down Dino Bigioni Unione Fermana in game 3 of the series in order to move onto the ISL finals.  Kristen Wadwell  and Kimberly Reeder will face off in the foreign game, while in the Italian game it will be to National team members, Greta Cecchetti and Luana Luconi, that will box it out if the game is necessary. We'll have to wait and see what Uniome Fermana has left in them as they'll be fighting for their season with every pitch thrown.