Nettuno counts on two in Novara, while the Panthers look to stop Palfinger’s streak

In the IBL on Saturday to go along with the series between Parma v. Bologna and San Marino v. Godo the remaining four clubs in the league will partake in two day-night doubleheaders.. Novara v. Nettuno in Novara, The New Black Panthers v. Palfinger Reggio Emilia in Ronchi dei Legionari.

Novara comes into the weekend at full strength and looking to get back on track after dropping two to Reggio Emilia last week in Piacenza. The formula that Mike Romano has been using on the mound will stay the same, with Calero taking the ball in game one, while Torres will either be the first out of the pen in a close game in game one or get the start in game two. Tavarez will hit in the leadoff role for Romano, and it will be Garbaccio and Boza taking turns at short. 

On the other side of the diamond, Ruggero Bagialemani has decided to return the ball to Pizziconi in game 1 and then De Santis in game 2. The hard hitting American, Harrison, will be written in as the DH in both games, and he’s expected to produce with his fair share of runs batted in over the two games.

Palfinger will be hitting the road without the services of Davide Murari who is out with a fractured right hand. The absence of the centerfielder does put a little hole in Reggio’s lineup, but expect the likes of Bertoli and Quintavalla to pickup any lost ground. Filippo Bertolini will most likely get the call in game 1 of this two game set, and will be backed up by Crapaldi out of the pen. In game 2 it’s going to be the lefty, Bastardo, on the hill for Carrion’s club, hoping to repeat his last outing (5 -1 win over Novara). As for the New Black Panthers, they will be without the services of Pietro Gheno. On the mound its going to be Yepez in game one and Petralia in game 2. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in this one, but on a side note Palfinger has had their trouble with Ronchi over the last two years.. as these two teams have split every single series that they have been apart of over that time period.

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