IBL All-Stars victorious against Team Italy

GROSSETO – The Italian Baseball League All-Star team evened out the series of the 2nd Annual IBL All-Star Vs Team Italy game.  All runs of the highly anticipated match-up came in the 4th inning.

The All-Stars took a liking to what Team Italy’s Christopher Cooper was offering, knocking him out of the game before he was able to complete his assigned 1 inning of work.  The All-Stars teed off on Cooper, with five of the seven batters Cooper faced getting “good wood” on the ball, including a  screaming leadoff-double down the leftfield line by Giuseppe Mazzanti, which warmed up the ball for some offense. Before getting pulled off the mound by Team Italy skipper, Marco Mazzieri, Cooper allowed three earned runs.

Team Azzurri managed to put up a run in the bottom of the 4th, but the All-Star pitchers, despite having given up more hits than their Team Azzurri counterparts, went to work in routine fashion.

There was only Mazzanti’s double that went for extra-bases. 

The game nonetheless served Mazzieri in the scouting department, as he will have to assemble a very competitive squad for next year’s World Baseball Classic.  Team Italy will not have to qualify for the event.