FIBS Academy heating up with activity

TIRRENIA - The cadets from the Belgian Academy made their arrival into Pisa Galileo Galilei International Airport on Monday and will take on the Italianresidents in two exhibition games starting Tuesday, February 28.

The teams will use Wednesday as a practice day, beforereturning to the field for Thursday's rematch.

The Academy is also an off-season training site for Italiansunder professional contracts with Major League Baseball clubs, as well as otherpro leagues.

The location of the FIBS Academy at the Italian NationalOlympic Training Center in Tirrenia was strategically chosen for its propensitytoward a mild year-round climate, but even the tourist friendly beach city didnot escape some snowfall a few weeks ago when most of Europe was slammed withrecord-breaking, or near record-breaking, frigid weather.

Tirrenia is also a favorite site of Major League Baseball torun the MLB European Baseball Academy, which takes place annually, spanningthree weeks across August.