IBL and ISL clubs announce extensions for their imported players

ROME, Italy - January 31st marked the deadlinefor Italian Baseball League (IBL) and Italian Softball League (ISL)organizations to renew the contracts on their 2011 foreign players.

In the IBL, only Bologna, Godo, Novara and Parma picked upthe option to re-sign foreign players that were on their 2011 rosters. 

Three out of the four extensions involved pitchers. JesusMatos ( Bologna), Mihai Burlea (Parma) and Jean Toledo (Novara) impressed theirsquads enough in 2011 to earn a spot on the mound for their clubs in 2012.

The Godo Knights decided to go another year with DaniloSanchez behind the plate. 

Grosseto, Nettuno Rimini and San Marino parted ways withtheir foreign players of 2011 and will have to turn to the international marketto fill in all their foreign player assignments.

Nettuno, Rimini and Grosseto finished 4th, 5th and 6th respectively, while San Marino is the reigning IBL champion. 

Over in the ISL, only two clubs decided to extend contractswith their 2011 foreign softballers. Legnano will be bringing back Chinese importsLei Don Hui and Yu Hui Li.  Down south inCaserta, the American, Anjelica Selder,will once again suit up for the 2011 champions.   

Deadlines for teams in the IBL to announce their foreignplayer signees is May 16; teams in the ISL have until June 15.