The first time for Alex Liddi: a two-run HR in Cleveland

The big day has arrived.  On Monday, September 19, Alex Liddi hit his first Major League homerun against the Cleveland Indians.  In the second inning, Liddi was batting with Willy Mo Pena on first base and one out.  Liddi took the first pitch of the at bat, a 90 mph fastball thrown by the Cleveland pitcher, Huff, for a strike.  On the second pitch, another 90 mph fastball, Liddi swung and missed.  After taking a ball on the third pitch, the Italian national team star, sent the forth pitch of the at bat, a 77 mph curveball, over the wall in left field for his historic first homerun as a Major Leaguer.


Alex Liddi at bat (John Cortes)The homerun was not the only hit of the game for Liddi.  In the third inning, the Italian lined a 90 mph fastball off Huff, to right field on the fourth pitch of the at bat.  With two runners already on base, Liddi's hit loaded the bases for Ichiro who delivered with a three run double, scoring Liddi all the way from first base.
For his third at bat in the fourth inning, Liddi hit a ground ball to the shortstop and hit another ground ball in the sixth inning, which the Indians defense turned into a double play.  Liddi finished the night going 2-4.

The Mariners were leading in the seventh inning when heavy rain forced the umpires to suspend the game.  The rain persisted thus prompting the umpires to end the game with the Mariners winning with the final score of 12-6.

At the end of the game, Liddi answered questions for the post-game interview.
In what order would you put your first game, the first hit and your first homerun:  "Well" Alex tried to put them in order then concluded: "They are all the same, all wonderful moments".
What pitches did you see in your second inning at bat?  "I saw a few fastballs and then I think a slider.  The ball stayed a bit high and I was able to make good contact".
Did you know it was a homerun as soon as you hit it? "I knew right away that I hit it well, but I thought it was going to be a double.  I thought it was going to hit off the wall so I ran to try to get to second as quickly as possible".
Did you get the homerun ball?  "I don't have it yet".
But at least your teammates celebrated with you?  "Oh, sure.  When I got back to the dugout they seemed very happy for me and then they also congratulated me in the clubhouse after the game".
From all the homeruns that you hit, how would you rank this one? "This is one I will never forget because it's my first in the Major Leagues".
Has hitting the homerun taken some of the pressure off? "I'm here to produce runs and when I see a few on the scoreboard that I helped produce, is very positive.  Helping my team win makes me feel very good".
It's a shame your parents weren't here:  "Yeah, they left today but they'll be able to see it on the internet".  

Liddi ha to wait less than 24 hours to hit his second career homer. It was a 6th inning game tying shot in 'Target Field' off Twins' pitcher Liam Hendricks.