The women softball European Championship will be covered live

The European Softball Federation (ESF) has launched a new marketing initiative to bring live softball coverage into the homes and offices of fans, associations and lovers of the game.

Michael Schmidt, ESF VP for Marketing, stated that, starting with the Womens European Championships in Ronchi de Legionari, Italy from 31 July to 6 August, ESF games would be available by live streaming and play by play, via the ESF's web site. All of this comes from the implementation of a new media accreditation system, one of the most advanced such plans in softball.

Live streaming of games at Ronchi will be available via THIS PAGE for the last two days of the competition, including the semi-finals as well as the finals. Every game will be covered by the PLAY BY PLAY

According to Schmidt:"It's great for everyone to be able to follow what's happening in a game, from anywhere in the world, and live. Our media accreditation system will let fans and supporters know what's happening 'play by play' from anywhere in the world."

ESF President Andre van Overbeek termed the new initiative: "Fantastic, and a breakthrough for media interest for softball".

Media representatives, the press and photographers can become accredited media by registering with the ESF. Currently, nearly 50 persons have applied for media accreditation. Application materials are available on the ESF's web site.

For more information, please contact Michael Schmidt, ESF VP for Marketing.