Rovigo, Redipuglia and Reggio continue to lead Serie A

After 11 weeks and 22 official regular season games of theSerie A League, three teams have played consistent baseball and are layingclaims to three of the four playoff spots.

Rovigo and Redipuglia have their sights on the finish line,despite there being over a month and a half of baseball before the start of theplayoffs. 

Rovigo and Redipuglia have been ahead of their peers in theNorth Conference from the start of the season, and barring any accidents, bothteams should cruise through the final stretch of the season.

In the South Conference, 2010 champ Reggio has onlysurrendered five games, but they have been rained out of 7 games, leaving theirrecord at 11 wins and 5 losses.

Technically, Arezzo should be placed ahead of Reggio due tohaving registered 4 more wins than Reggio, all the while only losing 2 moregames than Reggio. Crocetta and Roma are “1” game off the pace with records of13 wins and 9 losses.

The playoff picture in the South should clear up after therainouts are made up and head-to-head competition in the coming weeks takeplace.

Two teams from the North Conference and two teams from the SouthConference will advance to the playoffs.

North Standings

South Standings