Redipuglia, Reggio Rovigo shut down by rain, all still in command of Serie A

One of the few things that has been able to stop leadersReggio, Rovigo and Redipuglia this season has been the weather.  Redipuglia and Rovigo, tied for first placein the North Conference, and Reggio, leader of the South Conference, were showeredout of Week 7 gameplay.

Redipuglia had been scheduled to welcome visiting Bollate,but poor playing conditions left the series postponed for a date yet to bedetermined.

Rovigo and Ponte di Piave will have to reschedule theirmeeting with one another.

Reggio was on the round close to home in Poviglio, whereshowers were again the theme of the day. 

Other rainouts include Messina and Laghi di Ganzirri out ofthe South Conference.

In series that were able to be played, double-header sweepswere executive up and down the ladder.

Codogno knocked off Juve ‘98 twice, driving the team fromTurin out of first place, losing ground to idle Redipuglia and Rovigo.

Piacenza was able to break .500 with a double-header sweep athome against the Bologna Athletics.

In Padova, Collecchio fell twice to the hosts.  The sweep puts Padova just two games out offirst-place.

There were three sets of series that took place in the SouthConference. 

Anzio dropped two games to rival Rome.  Both teams now share a tied of second placewith a record of 7-5. 

Arezzo is also 7-5, after having split a pair of games inCrocetta. 

Rounding out the action were Modena and Sala Baganza.  The motor city team capped off the sweep witha 1-0 win in 11 innings.


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