The FIBS website was visited 177,331 times during the 30 dayperiod of April, with 662,803 341,463 pages explored from 43,962 individual IPaddresses/single computers (does not count multiple users within samehousehold).  The new numbers show a 28%increase in access from single computers and 70% increase in visits to the website compared to March 2010.

The strong figures in April compare to 104,286 visits inMarch and 341,463 pages clicked on.

Saturday, April 17 was the busiest day for FIBS traffic onthe internet super highway with 8,284 visits. Sunday the 18th saw the most IP addresses for the month of April arriveat with 4,564.

FIBS in English had 1,255 visits.

Over 44% of FIBS traffic is direct, while 33% is generatedvia search engines.  Users also visitedFIBS through various fan links and pages on Facebook; 20% of indirect/linkedtraffic came from the social networking super power.

Also, the individual website dedicated to the ItalianBaseball League in English was visited 8,511 times in April with 134,421 pagesclicked on and is separate from the calculated FIBS traffic.