PARMA, Italy--The Umpires and Scorekeepers Convention enjoyed a successul gathering of Italy's officials that call and score the game of baseball.  

Attendance and participation surpassed expectations, with the grand total topping 300 officials present, which forced some of the attendees to the meeting room's mezzanine section for a bird's eye view.  The strong turnout surely demonstrated the importance placed on scorers and umpires and the impact they have on the management and devleopment of the sport.

At the Gala Dinner Saturday night, there was a small awards ceremony as medals of bronze (10 years), silver (15 years) and Gold (20 years) found their way into the hands of some very dedicated umpires.

2009 Bronze "Strike Count" medals went to Attilio Pisani, Simone Segatori and Stefano Bottero; 2010 recipients included Debora Giacomazzi, Luigi Pane, Franco Borselli, Yuri Macchiavelli and Claudio Rizzo. Mario Annoni was not present.

2009 Silvers went to Lino Fabrin and Silvio Zuccato; 2010 Silvers were awarded to Alessia Cicconi and Michele Soliani.

The illustrious 2009 Gold medals went to Fabio Capitoni, Marco Checchi, Massimo Franceschi, Ulpiano Massari Gozzi, Paolo Musarella and Eugenio Verga; Lorenzo Bastianello and Renzo Fancellu earned the right to collect 2010 Golds, but were not able to be at the Convention.

Scorers also received recognition for their contribution to the 2009 World Cup; Andrea Paini (CONI) and Giancarlo Rosetti (FIBS President of the Province of Parma) had the honors of distributing certificates to Gianmarco Bedetti, Cristina Bernasconi, Roberto Breveglieri, Francesco Cavazzini, Claudio Cimmino, Antonio Galbulli, Adriano Gasparini, Paolo Gasparini, Maurizio Imperiali, Carlo Loschi, Giuseppe Lucchese, Anita Manca, Alessandro Meli, Renzo Moretti, Fausto Nardi, Stefano Pieri, Lucia Pocetti, Maurizio Ronchi, Erika Sojat, Cinzia Toscano, Marco Travagli, Fabio Zaccaria and Angela Zilli.

Special thanks for organizing the event went to CNC President (National Scorer's Commission) Anna Maria Paini and others:  Pablo Carpio, Scorers President of the Federation of Navarra (ESP); umpires Stefano Pieri, Maurizio Ronchi and Marco Travagli; Giorgio Moretti, President CNT (National Coaches Committee) and Angelo Fanar (Coaches Commission CEB) FIBS Communication manager Riccardo Schiroli and Paul campaign (logistics, CNA--National Umpires Commission) and Lucia pocetti (CNC).   Another special thanks went to Romeo De Simoni and FIBS staff Caterina Petrangeli, Patrizia Martini and Emanuela Pricipato for their contribution to the organization of the Convention.

The CNC of Parma wanted to close the evening with a special thanks dedicated to President Anna Maria Paini for the progress obtained over the last years of work.