By Justine Siegal

It is very exciting to see girls and women's baseball growing around the world. To encourage this development, Baseball For All, has organized the Girls' International Baseball Academy. The Academy is July 2-5, 2010, near Boston, Massachusetts and includes both instruction and tournament play. The Academy is for girls (ages 10+) of all skill levels.

It is very important for the development of our game, that girls who love baseball, have a chance to play baseball - with other girls. What makes this Academy unique, is that girls have a chance to meet other girls from around the world that love baseball as they do. Most importantly, female coaches will provide both instruction and mentorship to these girls. Academy staff include former and current national team players and experienced international coaches. I will also share my experience and knowledge, as the first women to coach men's professional baseball, with our Academy participants. Girls need to be taught by women, who can mentor and inspire them, to follow their dreams - our Academy meets this need and more.

Already, we have had girls from Indonesia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Japan contact us about attending the Academy. I extend an invitation to all of you to send a team or player(s) to the Academy. We have a limited number of scholarships available to International players. Coaches looking to improve their own baseball knowledge are also welcome.

Please visit the Academy website to learn more about this exciting venture. We all share a love for baseball, and Girls International Baseball Academy is a perfect opportunity to come together and celebrate the girls' game.