The presentation of the 2008 italian softball season was highlighted by the presence of the International Federation (ISF) President Don Porter.
Italy has been chosen by Don Porter as the first ISF training facility outside the American Continent.
"Italy has been succesful in softball, in Europe and outside Europe. Considering the way the Federation is organized, under Mr Fraccari's strong leadership, and the quality of the facilities in this country, our choice was quite easy".
The ISF Academy will open in Tirrenia (the headquarters of the FIBS Academy) and then move to Rome. Currently the facility in Rome needs maintenance.

Don Porter also asked to Riccardo Fraccari to join the BACK SOFTBALL 'task force' as the Chairman for Europe.

Before leaving Italy Mr Porter met ityalian IOC member Ottavio Cinquanta, who guaranteed his support to the 'Back Softball' campaign.

The Italian Softball League, with a new logo, will get started on April 5th.
"We may think of adding teams to the first division and create a more competitive second division" explained Riccardo Fraccari "The top division teams will have to contribute to players development participating in an elite Under 21 championship".
This modifications will happen in 2009. The season that gets started will feature 8 teams.

Team Italy's manager Marina Centrone, who received an Olympic Gold Medal replica from Don Porter (who said that "Italy must feel they still belong in the Olympics, even if they are not participating to the 2008 tournament") talked about her unprecedented players development plan.
"We saw over 100 pitchers in a development program that got started in November. This is the right path and I believe that we will see evidence of it in a few years".