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T&A San Marino and the Rimini Pirates push on

The Rimini Pirates took their game one of three over UnipolSai Bologna by the final of 1-0 on the back of Gonzalez, while T&A San Marino keep pace thanks to a 5-0 win picked up by Guerra on the bump and the trio of Avagnina, Pantaleoni and Ramos with the stick.

The Italian Baseball Series on the line..

The Rimini Pirates have a one game advantage over T&A San Marino heading into this last weekend of play in the IBL’s semifinals round. If Rimini is to get in they will have to put on an impressive display against UnipolSai Bologna, while if T&A wants a shot at defending their title they will probably have to get through Parma unscathed.

Who’s it going to be along side Bologna in the finals?

With UnipolSai Bologna not only assured a spot in the Italian Baseball Series, they are also now assured that they will be playing with home field advantage come the 15th of August when the finals get underway, but who will they be matching up with.. will it be the Rimini Pirates or T&A San Marino.

T&A San Marino stays alive after taking 2 of 3

T&A San Marino stay alive in the race towards a finals bid after they were able to take two of three from the Rimini Pirates over the weekend. UnipolSai Bologna continued their dominance over the rest of the league with a three game sweep of Parma, their second consecutive three game sweep.


IBL 2014

In the last weekend of the semifinals round it will be Rimini trying to hold on against Bologna, and San Marino looking to pick up lost ground against Parma.








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Game 1

@ RIMINI - 7/8

9:00 pm


Game 2

@ SAN MARINO - 8/8

9:00 pm


*Game 3

@ SAN MARINO - 9/8

9:00 pm

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