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Padova? Parma and San Marino Come Out on Top

Padova over Bologna in Bologna, Parma takes down the Godo Knights in the 10th, San Marino over Nettuno2 down in Rome by the final of 4-1. The Pirates and Nettuno rained out in Rimini.

Opening day 2015

The 2015 Italian Baseball League’s Opening day is upon us, with all the action set to get underway in just a number hours. The first week of play will feature Bologna vs. Padova, Rimini vs. Nettuno, Nettuno2 vs. San Marino and Parma vs. Godo

The 2015 Rimini Pirates

After three unsuccessful trips to the Italian Baseball League Finals, the Rimini Pirates hope that their luck changes under the new direction of Orlando Munoz and his new look team in 2015. Game one and two of the season begin on their home diamond on Friday and Saturday against a dangerous Nettuno.

The 2015 Nettuno Baseball Club

The ‘City of Baseball’ will once again have two clubs to cheer for in 2015, but what one holds the upper hand. We’ll have to wait and see if the 13 new names on Nettuno’s roster will be able to come together as one in order reach the postseason once again as representatives of part of a rich history of Italian Baseball.


IBL 2015

2         0         1         5     

   Italian Baseball League  IBL 


 W E E K   1 



vs.  4-3 PARMA
 2-1  GODO
vs.  4-1 SAN MARINO
vs.  5-2  RIMINI
vs. 6-4  PADOVA
 16-4  BOLOGNA


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2015 Standings



  • RIMINI    2-0

  • SAN MARINO   2-0
  • BOLOGNA    1-1
  • PARMA    1-1
  • PADOVA    1-1
  • GODO    1-1

  • NETTUNO   0-2

  • NETTUNO2   0-2 – Reg. Trib. Bologna n° 8033 – Direttore Riccardo Schiroli
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