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Peppe Mazzanti: ''Thank you for the two unforgettable seasons.''

The 2015 IBL’s MVP will be headed home in 2016 after 2 years spent with the Rimini Pirates. Mazzanti’s decision to head back to Nettuno is a big blow to the Pirates this offseason, a hold that will without a doubt be a tough one to fill both in the club house and on the field.

Welcome Premier12: you were fun, you still have a long way to go

Korea, one of the third millenium great baseball powers, won after not being considered amongst the favourites. Willie Randolph, manager for Team USA: "We got beaten". The first edition of the WBSC top baseball tournament leaves the author with mixed feelings. Read to find out why

Italy puts up a fight against Cuba

Italy put up a fight against a tough Cuba to close out their Premier12 tournament, but end up finishing 0 and 5. All the action will now shift off to Tokyo for the semifinals with the quarterfinals in the books, and will feature Japan vs. South Korea and USA vs. Mexico.


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