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The Official Program of the 2016 Coach Convention

Exceptional speakers for the 31st addition of the Italian Coach Convention, which will feature among others, Gian Paolo Montali and Alex Maestri. Mind, body and technique of the sport in the middle of an event that will focus on the Japanese approach to baseball.

The 2016 Coach Convention to feature the Stars of Japan

The 2016 Italian Coach Convention to feature Akinori Iwamura, Shinji Kurano and Go Ono. Iwamura will focus on will focus on the offensive side of the ball, while Kurano and Ono will take care of the instruction on the mound.

Alex Liddi and Tiago Da Silva lighting up the winter leagues

Alex Liddi is tearing up the Mexican Winter League with Jalisco, while in Venezuela Tiago Da Silva is posting yet another solid campaign with the Cardenales. Adam Ottavino gets a new contract with the Rockies, while Alessandro Maestri is still waiting for a concrete offer for the 2016 season.

The 2016 Champions Cup to be held in Rimini and Godo

The 2016 European Champions Cup to be held in Rimini and Godo, Italy… an announcement that was made official at the 2015 Gala dei Diamanti on Sunday, December the 6th. In light of the European Champions Cup, the City of Rimini will be assisting in renovating various aspects of the storied Rimini complex.


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